9/14 King Ropes

Show Info:

Friday, September 14th
King Ropes / Gipsy Moonrise / Ruff Pups
7pm doors / 8pm show

Tickets available now at The Record Exchange or online at


Artist Bio:


King Ropes, an experimental garage band from Bozeman, Montana, effortlessly couples the inventiveness of The Pixies and the alternative country twang of Wilco with remarkable results.
One hears an eclectic range of influences at work, from The Pixies to Neil Young, The Swans to Kurt Vile and Flaming Lips, Beck to Built to Spill, X to Kraftwerk.

Frontman Dave Hollier, spent years in Brooklyn, (The Brooklyn you see in Taxi Driver, not on Pinterest), after growing up in Montana. Hollier says, “I’ve been formed by a lot of different stuff. It seems boring to me try to limit ourselves to a certain style or genre of music.” Apparently it’s working. People hear our stuff and mention Queens of the Stone Age or Modest Mouse about as often as they do Willie Nelson.”

“I’m interested in the contrasts between urban and rural, eastern and western, sophisticated and raw, sweet and bludgeoning.People think it’s weird, a kid growing up in Montana wanting to move to New York, but those two extremes define who I am, and I think that this music reflects that.”

Back in Montana after those years in NY, and a stint in L.A., Hollier has attracted a solid lineup of local players. “I’d moved a couple times and the band was in constant flux. I was playing with people who lived all over the place, meeting up somewhere to tour. I wasn’t sure how it would work when I moved back here, but I’ve found an amazing crew of guys, all digging this weird mashup of stuff I’m trying to do. And it’s great all being from Montana and having that common background”.

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