9/15 Ancient River

Show Info:

Saturday, September 15th
Ancient River with Snoozy Moon
7pm doors / 8pm show

Tickets available now at The Record Exchange or online at


Artist Bio:


Ancient River have an expansive dreamy rock’n roll sound that has led to appearances at — Austin Psych Fest [Levitation] (2010 & 2012), Desert Stars Festival (2014 & 2016), Milwaukee Psych Festival (2015 & 2017) Reverence Festival Portugal (2015 Europe), Psychedelic Revolution Festival France (2015 Europe), Psycho De Mayo Los Angeles (2014), Desert Stars Festival Pre-Party (2014) and Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia (2012 UK).

This summer Ancient River begin promoting their forthcoming self titled album. Since the bands last studio album, 2015’s Keeper of the Dawn, the band has stayed busy performing, releasing the compilation style album O.D.D.S Volume 2 and recording an EP for Sony/EMI. When asked what to expect on the new album guitarist J. Barreto said “The new material is our most thought out and focused material to date. We really took our time with the album and were excited to start performing it.”


Snoozy Moon

Borrowing from progressive and experimental artists of the past and adding modern psych-pop sensibilities, Snoozy moon offers a new take on psychedelic music. Weaving between the dreamlike soundscapes and syncopated rhythms; aspects of jazz, krautrock, ambient, progressive rock and electronic offer a listening experience that’s uniquely Snoozy moon.

“This is trippy, psychedelia at its best” – G.W. Hill, MUSIC STREET JOURNAL

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