9/28 Satisfactory

Show Info:

Friday, September 28th
Satisfactory / Oceans Are Zeroes / OKOK
7pm doors / 8pm music

Tickets available now at The Record Exchange or online at


Artist Bio:


At Meridian High School, sophomores Triztian and Parker became close friends in an A Capella choir class. They naturally began discussing their hopes, dreams, and goals which led to the thought of starting a rock band.  With no rules and an overabundance of song ideas, it was time to conjure up a badass band name. “Flannel Socks” took the crown.  The original lineup consisted of Triztian on vocals and guitar, Parker on drums and their good friend Justin Hensley on the Bass Guitar.

The annual Meridian High School Talent Show was two days away when Bassist Justin Hensley departed from the trio. With only a day left before the performance, Triztian and Parker reached out to Zack Mahar to fill the position. Zack accepted the offer and worked diligently to learn the song that would later become known as “Snow Basin”.
They placed third in the talent show and decided to stick with Zack.

On December 19th of 2015, Flannel Socks picked up another local act and played their first house show in Parker’s garage. The crowd was larger than expected and the music was louder than the sirens. This performance drove a wedge into what became a path to the birth of Satisfactory.

Flannel Socks played various shows in the Meridian area in 2016. Their sets primarily included original songs with an occasional cover thrown into the mix.
Songs included tracks like “Tidal Wave”, “Waking up Sweaty and Confused”, and “Get It From You”. They released their first EP, “I Wish I Was a Leafbug” with tracks, “Inside my Mind”, “Here I am”, “Waking up Sweaty and Confused” & “I Wish I was a Leafbug”.
In July of 2016, during a rehearsal at their Star studio space, the band decided to take on the new persona of “Satisfactory”.

Satisfactory went on to perform at local house shows, cafes and events, creating a connection with their audience through a newborn passion and “go-with-the-flow” attitude. “Slack off, Have some Fun” became their mantra and they creatively struck their fanbase by vocalizing what they were all about. They released their second EP “Mellowcholy” in 2017 with tracks, “Silhouettes”, “Get It From You”, “Fall Off”, and “Euphoria”.

Remaining encouraged in the hopes of starting a positive and unifying revolution, Satisfactory became increasingly confident that their music would still impact the world and the generations to come. In early 2018, they acquired their drummer Matt Abrams.
Matt joined the band with an eagerness and devotion to completing the album as best as he possibly could.  His performance traits and playing style were exactly what the band was searching for.

With the album being nearly finished, Satisfactory released a single titled “Hope”.
They began teasing their fanbase by releasing short clips of their new songs on their social media sites and performing with a sense of curious excitement.
On July 1st of 2018, Satisfactory released their first record, “Cobalt Dreams” with 26 songs including, “Hope”, “Temptation”, “Rocketship Underwear”, and “Problem”.

Cobalt Dreams is a self-written and self-produced compilation of songs ranging from uplifting funk tracks to beaten down stories of persistence and hope.
Satisfactory implemented many different musical avenues in this record that beautifully expresses their love for music.  Songs like “Distinction” clearly exemplify their passion to break out of the social limitations of this generation, while others such as “Growth” are geared more towards driving around with your windows down.



Oceans Are Zeroes ‘Flow’ EP Release Show



We are OK OK.



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