10/9 Ritual Talk

Show Info:

Tuesday, October 9th
Ritual Talk with Ola Sweet
7pm doors / 8pm show

Tickets available now at The Record Exchange or online at


Artist Bio:

Ritual Talk

Ritual Talk is a Brooklyn-based indie rock trio with lush instrumentation and exploratory vocal arrangements that tinge each song with an unmistakable color, on and off the stage. Led by songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Alex DeSimine and joined by drummer Tom Criblez and fellow multi-instrumentalist Dylan Gleit, each member of the band uses every limb they have to create a soundscape that transcends their three-person appearance.



Boise-based Ola Sweet make no apologies for their love of big loud guitars. “The Thick Sound” is what fans have come to call the analog stew that constitutes the ingredients in Ola Sweet’s vintage-inspired sound that may just be more classic rock than self-proclaimed indie rock. But don’t let their fundamental rock roots lead you to believe their big reverby vocals and fuzz-forward guitar tones are anything less than comfortable in a playlist shuffle next to The Black Keys, The Dig or My Morning Jacket.

Freshly acquainted in 2015, JJ Martinsen (vocals, guitar) and Brandon Wallace (guitar, keys) found themselves on common ground as recent Idaho transplants; leaving former bands behind in Richmond, VA and Seattle, WA, respectively. Martinsen’s classic, soulful vocal style was an immediate click with Wallace’s super-sized overdriven soundscapes. The result is a unique blend of psychedelic indie rock carelessly littered with pop-rich hooks.

Ola Sweet’s debut EP Santiago was recorded over a 5 month span in late 2016 at Luxetone Studios in Boise, and was released on March 3rd, 2017 on cd and MP3.

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