6/10 The Lowest Pair

Show Info:
Saturday, June 10th
Duck Club Presents
$8 / $10
7pm doors / 8pm show

Artist Info:
The Lowest Pair
The Lowest Pair features the duo banjo picking of Kendl Winter and Palmer T.

Lee, draped in Kendl’s high lonesome harmonies and Palmer’s Midwestern
croon. In Spring of 2016, Team Love releases two new collections: Fern Girl and
Ice Man and Uncertain As It is Uneven. The albums could be viewed as two
windows into the growing world of The Lowest Pair. Uncertain stays the course of
their previous releases, 36cents and The Sacred Heart Sessions, being focused
on stripped down, intimate arrangements to support their timeless songwriting
and haunting vocals. Fern Girl is a more moody and adventurous exploration of
new sounds, new studio production directions, and what it might sound like for
The Lowest Pair to be backed by a full band, while keeping one foot planted in
the rootsy aesthetics which drew them together from the beginning

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